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A Premier Ultra-Endurance Mountain Bike Race and Ultra Trail Run

A true endurance event. Have you got what it takes to make it to the finish line?

A 100 kilometer and 100 mile course that winds through the beautiful and varied terrain of Southern New Hampshire.

8th Annual Event
Sunday August 16, 2015
Oak Park - Greenfield, NH

A non-profit organization promoting a healthy lifestyle by offering quality competitive athletic events.

Current News from the Event Director

Dec 5

2015 NUE Series Schedule Released

The Ninth Annual KENDA National Ultra Endurance (NUE) Series announced the 2015 schedule this week, including the Hampshire 100 once again. You can find it here.

Nov 24

2014 Hampshire 100 Hardcores Posted

The fourth class of Hampshire 100 Hardcores is now posted here. If you know these guys, convey your awe and congratulations on their accomplishment.

Nov 10

2015 Hampshire 100 Sports Weekend

August 15 – 16, 2015 will be the 9th edition of the Hampshire 100. Short-course events featured on Saturday, with the endurance mountain bike and trail run events on Sunday. A few new significant twists are planned and will be announced in the coming weeks.

Sep 21

2014 Results Update

It was recently discovered that the results for the cyclocross and short track events had inadvertently been left out. Those have now been added to the results here.

Aug 19

2014 Results

The 2014 Hampshire 100 results are now posted here.

Aug 14

Oh, Boy — Sunday Is Gonna be Interesting at the Hampshire 100!

Top Pros, NUE Series Contenders, and a Great Assortment of All Around "Fast Guys" are expected to heat up the 100 mile course. Among them:

  • Tinker Juarez
  • Jeremiah Bishop
  • Cameron Cogburn
  • Mike Barton
  • Jerry Pflug
  • Dan Kotwicki
  • Anne Pike
  • Alec Petro
  • Mike Barton
  • Ernesto Marenchin
  • Dan Rapp

Aug 8

Thanks to course prep volunteers

Some may wonder how much effort is required to create the Hampshire 100 course that travels on such a journey. The answer for this year: Approximately 700 hours will be invested in prepping and marking the course before the event. The volunteers that put in this enormous effort can never be adequately thanked for their service. The best way to put a smile on their faces is to come out and enjoy your ride or run.

Apr 11

New 2013 video:

Spring has arrived, and so has the homegrown version of the 2013 Hampshire 100 video. Put on your headphones, turn up the volume, and enjoy! More 2013 memories are documented at various places:

Mar 8

A sample of comments from 2013 participants:

  • Hampshire 100 was a beautiful course
  • Fast, flowy, tight, up and down singletrack
  • Superbly marked
  • Support was top notch
  • The care that the race supporters had at each station was really inspiring
  • Ton of fun
  • Ain't saying I didn't go home feeling like I was in a bar fight…but that's ok!
  • Great food
  • The short track and cyclocross racers the day before were a great addition
  • Event is awesome, but it sure is brutal
  • The support throughout the event was tremendous
  • My favorite endurance MTB event
  • Post race meal was awesome
  • Painful but great singletrack
  • I loved all the mileage marker signs
  • Another great year at the Hampshire 100
  • The volunteers rocked!
  • Totally worth it
Jan 10

2014 Calendar of Events

The Hampshire 100 Sports Weekend will feature various sporting events on Saturday and Sunday, August 16 and 17, 2014. Please note the following dates for specific events:

Saturday August 16th:
  • 4:30 PM — 5 K running race
  • 5:30 PM — Cyclocross training race
  • 6:15 PM — Kids Bike Race
  • 6:40 PM — Short track mountain bike race
Sunday August 17th:
  • 100 mile mountain bike race
  • 100 K mountain bike race
  • 100 K ultra trail run
Jan 1

2013 Hampshire 100 Hardcores Posted

The third class of Hampshire 100 Hardcores is now posted here. If you know these guys, convey your awe and congratulations on their accomplishment.

Dec 27

Photos of 2013 Event

Photos are now posted on the Photos page.

Aug 21

Stay in Touch

Be sure to stay in touch with the Hampshire 100 by friending us on FaceBook. Many photos and post-event stories are being swapped there.

Aug 20

Back to Back 100 Mile/100K Finishes — With a Twist

Matthew Dewitt rode to a solid finish at the Hampshire 100 on August 18th. An admirable accomplishment of strength, endurance, and fortitude by any standard.

However, Matt took it further, as he had just come off from a finish at the legendary Leadville 100 the weekend before the Hampshire 100. Now we're looking at the truly rare accomplishment zone — one occupied generally by top pro riders.

Here's the twist: Matt is not a pro, but he does ride a custom made bike, with features like no other. He is a middle of the pack type rider, but one on an extremely special mission. Matt served our country in the Iraq war, and suffered significant injuries, including the loss of two hands. He now rides on the Ride2Recovery Team, with his custom bike designed and built by top engineers supporting the Ride2Recovery mission. It is well worth a visit to the Ride2Recovery website. The Hampshire 100 race director asks that you follow your heart to the donation page, in recognition of Matt's back to back 100 mile/kilometer finishes.

Aug 20

The Good, the Ugly, and the Bad

The Good — Participant comments are being submitted, and most are raves about the event experience this past weekend. Even the gentle constructive criticism is good, as it is what makes the event better each and every year. Please keep the feedback coming.

The Ugly — There seems to have been a significant increase in litter on course this year. Littering is not only against our rules of racing, but it is also illegal in most jurisdictions, as well as being just plain rude and irresponsible. We are experiencing negative fallout from this for the first time ever. Gel wrappers, used bike parts, and empty water bottles have no reason to be left on course. While we are confident that most participants used utmost care in adhering to this policy, it only takes a few to make it appear that we collectively do not care about the properties we cross.

The Bad — Volunteers who are clearing the trails post-event of any evidence of passage have experienced a higher level of extra work to clean the trails. Landowners are sometimes beating us to the trash, and that is not a good thing. One immediate result will be that there will no longer be a water bottle station on course. It was implemented on a trial basis 2 years ago. Regrettably, the trial has ended in failure.

Aug 19

Thank You to All!

Wow — great participants, volunteers, sponsors, landowners, and weather all came together this past weekend for a tremendously spirited and fun weekend. Thank you to all.

Aug 10

Event Notes

  • Saturday evening $5 great pasta w/salad meal available at venue (other food options also).
  • There will be a led ride Saturday late afternoon of Greenfield Trails Association's trails. Some will be included in Sunday's event.
  • Cyclocross training race and short track mtb race are held on Saturday evening, right at Oak Park. Don't miss the fun.
  • Hey---the "sweet Candy Trail" is all buffed. Must mean it's almost race day!
  Earlier comments from the Event Director are here.