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Aug 20

The Good, the Ugly, and the Bad

The Good — Participant comments are being submitted, and most are raves about the event experience this past weekend. Even the gentle constructive criticism is good, as it is what makes the event better each and every year. Please keep the feedback coming.

The Ugly — There seems to have been a significant increase in litter on course this year. Littering is not only against our rules of racing, but it is also illegal in most jurisdictions, as well as being just plain rude and irresponsible. We are experiencing negative fallout from this for the first time ever. Gel wrappers, used bike parts, and empty water bottles have no reason to be left on course. While we are confident that most participants used utmost care in adhering to this policy, it only takes a few to make it appear that we collectively do not care about the properties we cross.

The Bad — Volunteers who are clearing the trails post-event of any evidence of passage have experienced a higher level of extra work to clean the trails. Landowners are sometimes beating us to the trash, and that is not a good thing. One immediate result will be that there will no longer be a water bottle station on course. It was implemented on a trial basis 2 years ago. Regrettably, the trial has ended in failure.

Aug 10

Event Notes

  • Saturday evening $5 great pasta w/salad meal available at venue (other food options also).
  • There will be a led ride Saturday late afternoon of Greenfield Trails Association's trails. Some will be included in Sunday's event.
  • Cyclocross training race and short track mtb race are held on Saturday evening, right at Oak Park. Don't miss the fun.
  • Hey---the "sweet Candy Trail" is all buffed. Must mean it's almost race day!
Jan 1

A sample of comments from 2012 participants:

  • Amazing event
  • The course was mint
  • It was the best marked race course I have ever encountered
  • Everyone involved was super friendly and uber positive
  • A welcome addition to the NUE series
  • The water and food stations were 1st rate
  • The feeling of a sense of accomplishment
  • Harder than Leadville--yes!
    Harder than the VT 50--yes!
  • It was an experience I'll never forget
  • Will definitely do again next year
  • The course is really impressive and gets better every year
  • The new single track is fantastic.
  • A grueling route and we loved every mile
  • AWESOME event
  • Class A event of MTB
  • Then the POWER LINES climb! Epic.
  • Amazed how organized this was
  • Logistics are superior to the vast majority of races out there
  • Course was as advertised -- diverse and very challenging
  • The course was fun and hard!
  • Absolutely loved the whole event
  • The trails challenged me to my limits... great time!
  • The aid stations were awesome
  • The course markings were excellent.
  • That was the most fun I have had riding a bike, ever.
  • The FIDDLER - what an awesome and special touch!
  • The last 10 miles or so were a blast. Legs were shattered, but the trails were so primo
  • I can't believe how different this course was than other NUE races
  • The organization and the volunteers at the feeds were AMAZING this year…..They grabbed my bag, told me to just throw my stuff on the ground handed me my bottles and food and I was on my way in probably under 30 secs. Little things like that make the difference and it felt cool to have what felt like personalized support.
  • Fun to meet so many other folks that we would have not run into otherwise
  • I loved the baby heads, stuffed animals, violin, people in costumes and super fast aid stations
  • I can't wait to see you next year!
Aug 23

Thanks to All !

Thank you to all that came to make the 6th edition of the Hampshire 100 what it was. We experienced absolutely perfect cycling weather, witnessed cyclists (from pros to first timers) riding to their maximum ability, and shared experiences and cultures from participants across this country. Wow!

There are numerous online postings of race results, commentary, pictures, and videos happening. Some are already posted, others will be posted over the coming days, weeks, and months as the creative talents of some wonderful volunteers work their magic. Some of the suggested sites include:

Cycling News
Cycling Dirt
MTB Race News

This event would not happen without the enormous efforts of all our volunteers. As event director, I wish to acknowledge their invaluable support.

Finally, our charitable beneficiary, Crotched Mountain Rehabilitation Center, and their accessible sports program that helps many shed their limitations to enjoy what we all take for granted, thanks you for your support.

Aug 15

Top Pros Expected

Jeremiah Bishop has just been added to the start list for this weekend. Looks like he plans to try for the NUE Series 2012 title. Of course, there are a significant number of others that might have something to say about that, including many of the top ten point leaders, Tinker Juarez, and more than a few of our home grown fast guys.
Should be quite the ride this weekend!

Aug 6

Next stop on the NUE Series - The Hampshire 100

Read what happened at the most recent event, Pierre's Hole 100 in Wyoming. Top contenders are headed to New Hampshire. Results here.

Jul 17

The course is being buffed daily...

Several new sections added, including what may become a classic sweet trail. Estimated course composition this year:

  Doubletrack/Jeep Trails
  Singletrack (or nearly so)
  Dirt Road
  Don't know what to call it!
Jun 14

Strava Challenge

Adding to the competitive excitement the Hampshire 100 dishes out, racers and riders will be able to use GPS technology from their Garmin, iPhone, or Android to track their performance on Strava. Strava will offer awards and prizes to participants who outperform their competition on a designated 2 mile Strava Challenge segment of the course. More info at Strava.

Apr 18


Mountain Bike Hall of Famer Tinker Juarez will again be on course at the Hampshire 100. This will be one of the final events used as a lead up to his participation in both the National, and the World 24 Hour Solo Championships, to be held in September. (Tinker has previously won both events.) More information can be found at Tinker's website.

Apr 14

New England Endurance Series

The Hampshire 100 is pleased to become one of the founding events of the New England Endurance Series in 2012. This series was formed to give endurance cyclists within New England a championship close to home.
More information at the NEES website.

Jan 3

A sample of comments from 2011 participants:

  • EXCELLENT, A++++ for the Hampshire 100
  • Great advance info, great signage
  • I loved the wooded sections of singletrack that seemed almost like no one else had traveled there
  • Great race!
  • The event lived up to its reputation
  • The volunteers all did a phenomenal job
  • The experience ...was priceless
  • Amazing time
  • I can't wait until the next one
  • The aid stations are the best I've ever experienced
  • Definitely one of the harder things I've done on a bike
  • I really enjoyed it
  • Thanks again for putting on a really nice race
  • A terrific ride through some beautiful, enjoyable, and a few diabolical miles of riding in your neck of the woods
  • Thank you for putting on this very challenging race
  • I am psyched to try this again
  • I had a blast
  • It was worth the 7 hour drive
  • It was a splendid day
  • This was the best race I'd done all year
  • The course was great---it had a little of everything
  • Everyone at the support stops were helpful and accommodating
  • Thanks to you, the volunteers, the fiddler, and the sponsors
  • The early morning snacks and the post meal were great
  • This was a great event!
  • The course was superbly marked and had a bit of everything NH has to offer, including massive stone wall in the middle of the forest. It's a rugged and beautiful state
  • Put this on your calendar
Nov 25

More Photos from 2011
A larger collection has temporarily been posted on the EFTA website. See if a favorite can be found there.

Nov 9


Next year, the Hampshire 100 will be offering you a choice - 100 Kilometers or 100 Miles.
Yes, the National Ultra Endurance Series (NUE) has added this event to its great schedule for 2012. Reserve the date on your race calendar and plan to register early, as many of these events sell out. More information soon.

Aug 22 Thank you!

A big thank you to all who helped make the 5th annual Hampshire 100 a success. The riders, the volunteers, the sponsors, the landowners---all did their part and more.

Results are posted here. Pictures are coming in from various cameras around course and will be sorted and posted over the coming weeks. We always welcome digital photos you are willing to share. Please forward to the .

Aug 7 Saturday Evening Pasta Meal

The world's greatest deal for pre-event carbo-loading will again be offered Saturday evening at the venue. A hot pasta meal (both a meat sauce and a vegetarian version), along with green salad, roll, and dessert will be available for $5.

Aug 5 Single Track Pre-Ride

While the Hampshire 100 has a strict "no pre-ride" policy due to the large number of private landowner requests, this year offers an opportunity to at least sample, before race day, some of the glorious trails maintained by Greenfield Trails Association (GTA). Approximately 4 miles of their trails will be included in the H100 course. If you would like to ride a bit of these trails, plus ride some of the other fun stuff this group has, plan on joining GTA for a led ride Saturday, August 20th. Just gather at the pavilion at either 4:30 or 6:30 to enjoy an hour excursion on these trails. In order to appropriately plan, please email the indicating interest.

Jul 20 Thank you, Sweeps!

In an event of this scope, there are more generous souls than you can imagine, all who volunteer their efforts to make it happen. Each volunteer is critical to the success of the event, and, try as we might, there is no way they can be adequately thanked for their hard work.

Even so, we are driven to publicly and humbly thank our sweeps. We will have returning, for the fifth year, two teams of sweeps. These teams do all we ask and more. They start early, some even before the participants, and finish late, behind the last participants. In between, they serve as triage assistant, provider of technical assistance, hailer of sag wagon, temporary crossing marshal, server of gourmet energy bars to "bonkers", and cheerleader to the weary rider. Oh, yeah----and puller of approximately 1,000 course markers. Their reward at the end----leftovers from the post-event barbeque.

So, a humble thank you to these two returning sweep teams who cannot seem to get enough of helping participants have the best ride possible----Two Wheeled Mafia out of Concord, NH and Souhegan Cycleworks of Milford, NH. They will once again ensure no one is left on course.

Jun 20

The fiddler has been found once again and is practicing his repertoire. Where will he be on course this year?

Apr 29

Yes, the rumors are true.
David “Tinker” Juarez is scheduled to participate in the 5th Annual Hampshire 100. It does appear that the course should suit him perfectly. We consider it a great honor to have this legend visit NH. After all, how often do we get to ride with someone who is a MTB Hall of Famer, current world masters MTB Champion, 3 time National Champion, 2 time Olympian, and more. To remind ourselves of how good a rider he has been for so very long, check out his website.

Feb 24

The USA Cycling Pro MTB Ultra-Endurance Tour (Pro UET) is coming to the Northeast!

The Hampshire 100 has been selected to participate as an event in the 2011 pro tour season. Pro UET will offer various disciplines of racing for endurance athletes. Individual rider rankings will be offered for the Pro/Solo category in 6-hour, 24-hour, marathon, and ultra-marathon events around the country. The top-10 ranked riders in the Pro/Solo category for both males and females will have the bragging rights to a top-10 number plate at each event. More information here.

Jan 18

A sample of comments from 2010 participants:

  • The course was the best ever
  • Where else can you race and find a fiddler
  • Very impressed with the support of all the volunteers along the course
  • Having so much support and cheering along the way was such a great help
  • I'm going to keep coming every year for the awesome time
  • An incredible experience
  • I pushed some mental and physical boundaries for sure
  • Thank you for putting on a phenomenal event
  • Everything from course marking to food stations to dinner after the race were top notch
  • Great race
  • I really enjoyed the course
  • Yes it was tough
  • The sweet singletrack at the end was awesome
  • Thank you for the self service water stations
  • Awesome day in the woods
  • The H100 had a fair share of very sick trails
  • Even 55 miles in, I was still elated for every twist and turn over soft pine needles
  • Looking forward to next year
  • The five marathons I've run pale in comparison
  • Woo-hoo!
Aug 25

Thank You!

A sincere thank you to all who supported the 4th edition of the Hampshire 100. This year's results are now posted.

The weather was certainly much different from last year. The lower temperatures, dry summer, and revised course all led to some very fast times.

From first to final finisher, there was an amazing array of personal stories. Whether it was an elite-level rider able to climb the powerline section, a rider whose chain broke 2 miles after the start and still managed to finish the race---and fast, or those numerous riders who were in their first mountain bike race, they all were inspiring and helped make the 4th Hampshire 100 experience what it was.

Aug 25

Many have been asking about the welfare of fellow competitor, Gabriel Crooker, who took a spill on course, and needed medical attention. Although still hospitalized, he is doing well. I have spoken with him, and passed along all the well wishes. The concern and support for him from his fellow competitors has been outstanding, and he appreciates the good thoughts during his recuperative period.

Aug 19

For those camping on-site Saturday night, your campsite may remain in place until post-event, if desired. However, no camping will be allowed on Sunday night.

Aug 18

On-site wrenching services will again be provided by James McDonough of Eastern Mountain Sports. He can assist with last minutes mechanical issues on Saturday evening from 6 -8 pm, and Sunday morning from 6 – 6:30 am.

Aug 6

Confession - the event director played for a bit today, riding the last 7 miles of the course.

Included was a significant stretch of glorious singletrack trails created and maintained by Greenfield Trails Association. Many included in the Hampshire 100 for the first time.

What a ride!!!

Are YOU ready to play on August 22nd?

Aug 3

As a registered participant, you will have free shower privileges after your epic 62 mile journey. Info will be in your racer packet.

Aug 2

For those riders trying to keep well hydrated, you will find at least 4 additional water/Gatorade stations along the way. These self-serve stashes will be strategically located, just where you might need them the most. These will be in addition to the 6 regular feed stations that will have volunteers assisting in your food and hydration needs.

Aug 1

Six hours of labor and $80 of lumber yields a newly renovated bridge on course. Sweet!

Jul 29

The course is being cleared and buffed daily. This season’s weather has made it the driest course ever.

Estimated course composition this year:
  Doubletrack/Jeep Trails
  Singletrack (or nearly so)
  Dirt Road
  Don't know what to call it!
Feb 15

A sample of comments from 2009 participants:

  • Thanks for a great race
  • Absolutely loved the race
  • Quite an endeavor finding nearly 62 miles of contiguous trails
  • Plan on attending again next year
  • A real epic backcountry mountain bike race
  • Enjoyed immensely
  • Great yet challenging
  • Loved the fiddler
  • Appreciate the delicious foods and drinks at feed stations, cool water, ice to stuff in our bottles
  • Fantastic
  • Wonderful volunteers
  • Toughest MTBike race in New England
  • Organization was top notch
  • Hard as hell….loved every mile of it
  • To conquer this course is a win
  • Blown away at how well the trails were linked, designed, and marked
  • Totally exceeded my expectations
  • Harder than the Ruta
  • I just love the Hampshire 100
Aug 4 A sample of participant comments from last year's event:
  • It can be tough to put together such a long race and keep it fun, but you guys pulled it off
  • Great trails
  • Challenging yet fun event
  • Friendly race volunteers
  • I found the fiddler
  • One of those events that you are blessed to take part in
  • The course was fantastic
  • I had a blast
  • Was one of the best-run, well-conceived
  • The convenient on-site camping was terrific
  • The organization, race support, and volunteers were amazing
  • It was an epic adventure
  • See you again next year
May 28 Your t-shirt from past Hampshire 100 events just became more valuable. It was made and donated by The Mountain Corporation - the same company that produces the currently hot Three Wolf Moon t-shirt.
May 27 If you missed registering for the Vermont 50, don’t fret - try the Hampshire 100!